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In 1887 the first building, constructed by Coal City Methodists, was completed and dedicated to the Glory of God. This building is currently located on the corner of Broadway and Willow. Centered in the new church were stained glass windows which were dedicated in 1953.


Five years later, the congregation formed a building fund for renovations, with phase one being the remodeling of the vestibule and bell tower. Following that would be an addition of an education wing, leaving phase three as expansion of the sanctuary. In 1965, students first entered their newly opened classrooms for Sunday School.

The original church was used to its fullest extent with many accommodations and remodeling. But soon, the congregation was beginning to outgrow the facility. In 1987 another committee was formed to determine the necessity of building a new church building. In 1992, it was voted upon to build a new church.

It took seven years of planning and logistics to get the momentous ground breaking ceremony. Rising like water for a spring, the church was built and finished in less then two years. May 2001 - the members and guests of the Coal City United Methodist Church joined together in their Hallelujah Service and Celebration officially opening their doors to the public.


We know that many new people will call this area of Coal City, Diamond, Braidwood, and Carbon Hill their home. Charted by the school district, the area surrounding the church has over ten new subdivisions sprouting with the planned potential of over 6,000 new residents.

Like generations before, the current congregation has outgrown their walls. In 2007 the ever rememberable 9 | 9 | @ 9 (September 9th at 9:00am) a new twelve room Sunday School wing was opened. This new construction extended down from the current building and now houses seven new classrooms, effectively doubling the previous amount. Housed in the new wing is a church library with beautiful built-in shelving units, new family friendly restrooms, as well as much needed storage.

With phase two completed, the church continues to grow and it will soon be time for a new generation to begin to plan for phase three for the benefit of their children like the those who came before.

Alive and growing, the family here at Coal City United Methodist Church, a Five Star Congregations and awarded the prestigious Welcoming Award, is ready and willing to welcome you through their doors at our next worship service or event.

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