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Sunday Morning: 8AM and 10:30AM

The Coal City United Methodist Church is a multi-generational church family that welcomes children, seniors, and those in between to exciting worship, study, and fellowship experiences. Some have been members of the Coal City community and the United Methodist Church their whole lives. Others have recently moved to our area and found a home among us. All are welcome. We invite you to join us for worship!

We strive to bring faith and life together. We work hard at understanding current realities and addressing them through the eyes of faith. From the children's moment where the children of our church hear a message in a language they can understand; to carefully crafted biblically based sermons that speak to our current reality as youth and adults; to a variety of high-caliber musical expressions of our faith from classical to contemporary, from organ to oboe, from piano to projected multi-media experiences, there is a place for you in worship.

Our services are on the traditional side of blended - familiar, comfortable, but far from stuffy. As you experience worship at Coal City United Methodist Church, may you find an experience where you, our Creator, and those you worship with come together as one creation, as one entity, and one energy-filled disciple of Jesus Christ.

Fellowship Time: Sunday 9:00-10:15AM

Enjoy coffee, pastries, homemade creations, and more and meet up with friends. Visit with one another and catch up on the latest happenings at CCUMC!

** CCUMC is fully handicapped accessible.

** Childcare is offered at all services

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