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"A Methodist is ... one who loves the Lord God with all his heart,with his soul, with all his mind, and with all his strength."
-John Wesley, co-founder of the
 Methodist Movement

The Coal City United Methodist Church is a warm and welcoming group of Christians who accept everyone whose heart desires a relationship with God and God's people. We celebrate the many and varied branches of our Christian experience and therefore accept membership transfers from all major Christian denominations. We also accept people into membership who have not been active in a church before through a process called profession of faith.

Introductory classes to join the congregation and denomination are offered throughout the year to help answer questions and guide potential new members in their decision(s) to join the Coal City congregation and the United Methodist Church as a whole. These 'Discover Us' sessions explore the history of our faith, how our church is governed, and the history and dreams of our congregation. Please call the church office at 815-634-8670 to learn more about joining this family of believers.

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