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In the spring of 1857, Mrs. John Huff and Orlando Young began Sunday School which met in their homes.  Two years later Rev. Albert Lawrence started a Methodist Episcopal Sunday School in Robinson School House which was across the road of the John Hauschild home.  The first work in Coal City was a Sunday School organized in 1875 by Oliver Drawn. 


In 1877 another Sunday School with worship service began at the village school house.  The first services were Sunday Afternoon with the Pastor being paid by raising money via church dinners and festivals. The Robinson School Sunday School ceased and the Coal City work was growing and the village schoolhouse was too small.  Reorganization took place and a meeting took place under the Methodist Episcopal banner on the second floor of the Key’s Drug Store/Opera House/Coal City Pharmacy.  Coal City work grew to the point that a building was begun and the ministry took off.

Fast forward over a hundred years and on September 20, 1992, the congregation voted to build church on a new site, that site that was chosen was on McArdle Road. Two building projects later, we stand ready to serve the community and world. Our duty as a church is not to our church alone, but to the community and all humanity.  Our duty is not merely the preservation of the church as we know it today, but to the preservation and improvement of the church for our children and grandchildren.  Let us stand together in renewed confidence; united in our heritage of the past and in our hopes for the future; determined that this church we love shall lead us into new frontiers of missions and mercy.  We have taken the first steps on our journey.  Let us continue.

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