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Church and the Virus

We are working hard on providing additional online ways to connect that include a possible midweek worship service and moving some Bible studies and devotions.  We will let you know as information unfolds.

As for your help in being the church, there are some things I am asking of you:


+Pray: Pray without ceasing. Pray for the sick and those on the mend as not only the virus has affected many worldwide, but all those facing health challenges. Pray for those who are anxious and uncertain about these days. Pray for the most vulnerable among us. Pray for those young people disappointed over cancellations and pray for parents who may be feeling overwhelmed. Pray for those who may be off work without pay. Pray for our hospital staffs and first responders who work around the clock. Pray for each other that we be a non-anxious presence in our world.


+Connect: Connect with one another. Isolation is very difficult for some people. A good old-fashioned phone call to your friends, neighbors, and church companions may mean the world to the other person on the phone.  And it will do your soul some good to reach out to someone else. I will plan on offering some devotionals throughout the shutdown to stay connected to you.


+Give: We, as a church, are able to continue to lead because of your tithes and gifts. While we are being faithful stewards during this time, we depend upon the generosity of our community to meet our obligations. Please continue to send in your offering through the mail or you can give online ( or you can send your offering through texting a dollar amount on your smart phone to (855-340-9960). These are secure ways to give.


+Share: There are some among us who are unable to get out and are vulnerable. If you have extra supplies and resources, now is not the time to hoard. Let us know if you are able to share your resources.


+Hope: I hope that this will recede soon. I hope that Easter Sunday we will all be able to be together to celebrate God’s victory for all of us. I hope that we will be able to gather as the community of faith. You, friends, give me hope to keep moving forward.


So, may we pray, connect, give, share, and hope. May we remember that we are the church. May we stand tall and be leaders through these times. And may we embrace that we are STRONGER TOGETHER.



Pastor Brad


If the weather is not cooperating, we will cancel the outdoor service and offer only online worship. You will receive a text message if we cancel the outdoor service.



If you are interested in attending INDOORS, please contact the church office to reserve your spot as space is limited!


Both services will also be available on Live Stream. Please logon to our Facebook page and join us live. Or you are welcome to watch it later in the day through our church Facebook page or our YouTube page ( ).

The Coal City United Methodist Church is a multi-generational church family that welcomes children, seniors, and those in between to exciting worship, study, and fellowship experiences.

Some have been members of the Coal City community and the United Methodist Church their whole lives. Others have recently moved to our area and found a home among us. All are welcome.

From the children's moment where the children of our church hear a message in a language they can understand; to carefully crafted biblically based sermons that speak to our current reality as youth and adults; to a variety of high-caliber musical expressions of our faith from classical to contemporary, from organ to oboe, from piano to projected multi-media experiences, there is a place for you in worship. Our services are on the traditional side of blended - familiar, comfortable, but far from stuffy.

All are welcome here.

With choices from Bible studies, to women's groups, children's choir and more - there are so many ways to be an active part of the CCUMC community.

The mission of the Coal City United Methodist Church is to be a sanctuary where prayer, worship, acts of mercy and study of scripture
empower persons to live as disciples of Jesus Christ.

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